Baron Graff Grimiron

Lord of Eastwall


Graff Grimiron stands a full head taller than most dwarves, and despite years is the comfortable noble position of baron, Graff remains a stout and strong man who can definitely still swing an axe. He has black hair with streaks of dull gray, and a long, scruffy beard that he wears without adornment.


Years ago, Graff traveled the world with Cinder in search of adventure, until he earned a noble position in the empire, and Cinder accepted the offer to join the Clasp. As a former thrillseeker, Grimiron jumped at the opportunity to relocate to Eastwall to serve the king as lord of the new territory.

The old dwarf loves to share stories of daring over a keg of ale, and will often put off work in order to spend his evenings at the Bastion.

Graff hates goblins, orcs and giants.

Baron Graff Grimiron

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