Birel Amakiir

Half Elf Rogue


Birel Amakiir Birel is a female half high elf variant. She is about 4’10" and goes around 90lbs.
Unlike most other rogues she dresses sharply, wearing bright colors. She goes to great lengths to remain coordinated in her dress. Even to the point of having her armor dyed to match her Champions Cloak. It is now blue and silver grey, making a striking match to the cloak. She has a quirky personality when off duty and loves a hot bath. At work for all her swash and buckle she is first and foremost a rogue at heart.


Birel has two brothers, one older one younger. Eldrin the older and Eltaor the younger. Both her brothers were training to become Clergy of Mask known as Demarchs. Birel was a mere Courtier, meaning she received some training in thieving. All who serve get some training. Discipline is strict but fair when one serves Mask. Fair meaning what you can get away with. Eldrin failed at his graduation task of the Collapsing Monolith and as such Birel and Eltaor were held in the dungeon until her older brother can be returned to Justice. No one is looking for Eldrin, as is fair. Birel escaped the dungeon, tho she couldn’t free Eltaor. She now searches for Eldrin to return him and free Eltaor. Her only lead something called Eastwall.

Birel Amakiir

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