Jotun Gemhammer

Grandmaster of the Clasp


Standing over eight feet tall, with a powerful and stocky build, Jotun Gemhammer is an intimidating sight. His beard has gone completely white, and he wears it in braids as thick as cargo rope, lightly adorned with hoops of dark adamantine, carved in the sharp lines of dwarven artwork. The dwarf’s face is deeply lined, and his right eye is covered by a thick patch of leather.


Jotun Gemhammer is old, even by dwarf standards, but he is a living legend with a thousand tales of bravery and daring told in taverns across all of Aspiria. The foremost legend tells of his single-handedly defeating an ancient white dragon who had come to Gemhammer Hold in an attempt to steal their ancient home and all its wealth for its own. From the bones of the beast, Jotun carved out his famous weapon: a runic greataxe called Kraskin.

Along with Kraskin, Jotun is also rumored to wear a belt bearing a powerful enchantment to grant him his truly incredible size and strength.

The dwarf was the first to create an organization to aid adventurers in their wanderlust, due in large part to his own family breeding so many glory-seekers like himself.

Jotun Gemhammer

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