Red Apples


The sprite called Plinkit stands barely a foot tall and has the soft, androgynous features possessed by most fae. His unmarred flesh is lightly tanned, his eyes are reminiscent of a clear shy, and his long hair is the color of honey and shimmers like spun gold. He sports colorful, diaphanous wings like those of a dragonfly


Plinkit, along with his mate Viridian, are natives of Eastwall, and spent years observing the new arrivals as they built their cities and fought back the rush of orcs and goblins that menaced them during that formative time.

The Clasp had captured the imagination of the sprite, and he would spend days at a time observing the adventurers on their treks or sitting unseen in the rafters as he listened to their tales of strange lands across the sea, and yet he never interacted with them. That changed one night when, while returning to his home in the forest, he came upon a fairy dragon being hunted by a manticore. Wanting to aid the dragon, perhaps spurred on by the stories of daring, Plinkit flew in to battle the monstrosity.

The sprite was no match for the manticore, and he would surely have lost his life, if not for the timely arrival of Kayse Goodharvest and the Golden Hawks, who had been hunting the beast. The manticore sustained a grievous blow across the face and, blinded, ran crashing into the forest.

The following day, after the Golden Hawks had saved their lives, Plinkit and Fern went together to the Bastion to join the Clasp.

Plinkit’s mate, Viridian, used her magic to create an immense apple tree on the grounds, and they built a home in its boughs; finally, they dubbed themselves the Red Apples.


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