Gnorl Goregut

Half-orc Blacksmith


Gnorl is a big man, even by half-orc standards. He can look a Goliath in the eyes, and is powerfully muscled, though idle years have left him with a sagging gut. His body is a chronicle of past battles, with many scars, leaving his coarse black body hair patchy.


Gnorl sailed with Zar on the Vital Spark and was one of the first to step foot on the new world. He was a man who craved adventure and conflict, but that life came to an end when, shortly before the discovery of Eastwall, the Vital Spark was boarded by sahuagin raiders. During the ensuing battle, Gnorl took a poisoned trident in his stomach that laid him low for weeks. Despite having been magically healed, Gnorl’s guts have “gone soft,” and now, the half-orc cannot stray far from the outhouse.

Being unfit to sail any longer, Gnorl stayed on Eastwall with a handful of other settlers, and helped to build the city now called Vital Spark. These days, he spends his time working the forge at the Bastion, crafting sturdy, but inelegant arms and armor for members of the Clasp.

Gnorl Goregut

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