Kayse Goodharvest

Golden Hawks


Kayse Goodharvest is tall and keenly muscled, with a narrow face and squared jaw; he wears an eyepatch over his left eye. His hair is sandy blonde, swept back and shaved down at the sides.


The Champions met Kayse Goodharvest when they attacked the camp of an orc warband while they prepared for a ritual of orgy and bloodshed in the name of their fertility goddess, Luthic.

Kayse Goodharvest is a member of the Clasp, once leader of the adventuring band known as the Golden Hawks. He and his companions were escorting a merchant caravan, headed up by Roice Clawwind, when they were attacked by orcs and goblins. Th Golden Hawks fought hard against the attackers, but were finally overwhelmed and only Kayse survived.

Intended as a sacrifice to Luthic, Kayse was locked away inside of a cage of shoddy, but solid construction, where the Champions found and rescued him.

Currently, Kayse is engaged to Lara Clawwind, and the couple are living together at the Bastion, where the former is contemplating his future now that his team is gone. Kayse harbors a tremendous desire to strike back against the priests of Gruumsh who led the warband, and then to find and kill the oni warchief.

Kayse turned down an offer to join the Champions, revealing that Lara carries his child, and they have decided to pursue her dream of opening a bakery in Vital Spark. Nevertheless, Kayse maintains his vow to avenge the Golden Hawks and has asked that the Champions inform him if they learn anything more about the Oni or the twin, Gruumsh worshipping orcs.

Kayse Goodharvest

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